Red Truck Gallery New Orleans founder Noah Antieau has bragged about hiring pedophiles as business partners. Rachael Cronin & Gabriel Shaffer committed felonies to gain management at Red Truck Gallery.


Red Truck Gallery located in the French Quarter in New Orleans , was once just a thought bubble . . . a surreal dream Bryan Cunningham had escaped to since the day he was forced to ponder a career. Red Truck Gallery was built from the ground up by the hard working yet simultaneously improvisational hands and the imaginative visionary process of world renowned Outsider Artist Bryan Cunningham.

Bryan Cunningham is founding owner and currently Head Resident Artist at the magnificent Red Truck Gallery. His gallery was such a success that it allowed him the opportunity to focus directly on his main prerogative getting back to his palette!

Lucky For Us! Without having to slave over the time consuming demands of managing art sales, hanging, and promotional responsibilities at Red Truck Gallery , Bryan Cunningham can realign his focus on the unique found object assemblages he is sought after for and recognized for on a world-wide basis. Every single piece Cunningham creates is united with a warm and gooey one-of-a-kind welcoming southern aesthetic. Cunningham's mystical cajun flavor is in warm opposition to the customary fleur-de-lis frills and stark white walls of the elitist New Orleans art scene.

Collecting Cunningham is for the true eccentric, for those in search of the unique and foreign yet still supporting the fine All American efforts of a neighbor next door. Eclectic and dedicated - Cunningham never fails to provide us with beautiful, unexpected art that maintains an emphasis on the importance of an exclusive craftsmanship; in creation of authentic . . . sincere beauty.  He materializes an impressive range of art styles and mediums, yet no matter the medium - all his works are meticulously crafted. Collectors relish the detail and hard work that goes into making his pieces.  

Otherwise known as MUTIE, Cunningham has always been attracted to sensational advertising, those ads in the back pages of comic books promising X-ray vision and he-man strength; sideshow banners depicting nature’s bizarre abnormalities; and the mail order hoodoo spells and powders guaranteed to rid you of your enemies, put a lover under your spell and get rich quick.

Of course what you get from the back of a mail order comic - is just a pair of paper glasses and spring loaded grips; some crafty taxidermy, and bags of bad smelling incense . . . Yet Cunningham's creations announce and deliver upon their exaggerated promises! His lurid visuals stoke the delinquent fires of the imagination for humans of ALL ages.

Cunningham uses his homegrown skills in painting and wood working to create unique mixed-media assemblages. He is best know for his pieces upon stretched canvas. The individually hand crafted frame made from recycled wood and found objects cannot be beat.

Vintage sign painting and antique carving techniques make his aesthetic eerily timeless.


look #hauteAF in Cunningham's Cajun clothing collaboration with HAUGHTEE 😎

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